He graduated with honors from the conservatory A. Eagle Box, with Pasqualino Garzia; in the same conservatory he studied composition (with Fausto Razzi) and Song (with Leila Bersiani).

He then furthered his education with Oscar Ghiglia, Alirio Diaz, Arnaldo Graziosi, Jose Tomas and Bruno Battisti D’Amario.

After several awards in national competitions (Parma, Mondovi, Livorno) and international (Stresa and Alessandria) won in 1987 the first prize at the International Guitar Competition City of Alessandria; In 1989 the Third Prize at the prestigious International Radio France in Paris, the first Italian after Oscar Ghiglia, awarded 30 years before, to get this recognition.

He later completed his education at theEcole Normale de Musique Alfred Cortot in Paris where, in 1992, won the unanimous the License Superieur de Concertiste with Alberto Ponce.


Arturo Tallini is a musician who pursues the incessant exploration of their instruments, including through the use of alternatives to classical guitar as the Scelsitar, invention of the musician, the sound of the midi guitar, improvisation and electronics.

Began his career by winning the prestigious International Competition City of Alessandria in 1987, followed two years later by the third prize at the International Radio France in Paris, has held and holds concerts throughout Europe, the United States, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia.

Although he had never abandoned the classical repertoire, is now considered a benchmark for contemporary music for guitar, in Italy and abroad. He has collaborated with internationally renowned artists, guitarist Magnus Andersson, the singer Michiko Hirayama, the contemporary music group Modus Novus of Madrid, at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Chorus and pianist Bruno Canino.

He is the creator and the director of Supernova – Eight Talents and a Director that brings together eight of the best young guitarists Italian: cohesive ensemble with a strong identity, which explores the contemporary repertoire, improvisation, the possibilities of electronics, with at his side the abstract poetry of JS Bach.

In 2005, he released his seventh CD, BLUE, with songs dedicated to him and the first ever recording of the song by G. Scelsi Ko-Tha, widely considered a piece at the top of instrumental virtuosity.

His performances and interviews are regularly broadcast by RAI Radio, Vatican Radio and Cable radio; also recorded for Radio France, Radio Tunisienne, the former Yugoslav Radio, WQED- FM (Pittsburgh, USA), the first television channel RAI RADIO BLUE, Radio Popular and Classical Radio.

They have written for him by composers such as M. Bortolotti, F. Rockets, A. Di Scipio, S. Tallini, Bishop, F. Casti, M. Cardi, P. Edwards, D. Nicolau, F. Wave, L. Cinque, GV Ridge, M. Cohen, M. D’Amico, S. Gacevich, M. Dall, OJ Garcia, A. Amoroso, G. Boselli, M. Pisano, T. Mark, E. Cocco, M. Morgantini.

Free improvisation, which began to explore after running the Scuola Civica in Milan’s Serenata per un Satellite B. Maderna (2007) led him in 2011 to the registration of Rainbow Inside, cd with 12 improvisations on as many watercolors the painter Alessandro Ferraro with singer Marilena Paradisi; and the creation of a stable duo of total improvisation with one of the myths of the contemporary music world, the Japanese singer Michiko Hirayama. He has also given concerts in total improvisation with Eugenio Colombo, Antonio Iasevoli, Michael Anger.

From his idea was born Improring sfotware, created by Jacopo Senigaglia, it allows the user to create improvisations in real time autofeedback .; also, again commissioned by Arturo Tallini, Frederick Scalas, Class of Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, has designed and implemented a software simulation of a short-wave radio designed to run Spiral K. Stockhausen.


Since 2007 he has been teaching guitar at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome; In addition, he is regularly invited by conservatives Italian and foreign universities to give seminars and concerts in the contemporary repertoire. He teaches guitar in the Master’s Degree in Interpretation of Contemporary Music at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, which is also the coordinator.


Many contributions also publishing the artist in contemporary music, including articles in professional journals and the publication of the book MusicaIncerta (Ut Orpheus – Bologna, 2000); the book contains songs written for the guitar by F. Rockets, M. Bortolotti, GV Crest, M. Dall, I. Bishop and M .Cardi; also offers, through the analysis of several examples from the contemporary repertoire, tools for understanding and execution of the repertory of our years.

As of 2013 created, for the publisher Sconfinarte, a series of contemporary music for guitar No Time at All, which aims to publish music of our time, inspired by the need for exploration and research; the same series of public tracks winners of the various editions of the International Composition Competition for Guitar G. Petrassi, held at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia.


Since 2006 he is the organizer and artistic director of the International Guitar Festival City Monterotondo, as well as four editions of the National Violin Competition, held as part of the same festival.

In 2010 he created the Guitfest International Guitar Festival of the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in which he is Artistic Director together with Domenico Ascione. As part of Guitfest held the aforementioned International Composition Competition for Guitar Petrassi, where he is the coordinator. He is the coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Interpretation of Contemporary Music at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, which is also the coordinator.

  • 1 LP on the contemporary repertoire to 2 guitars with Vincenzo Di Benedetto (RCA – 1984)
  • 2 CDs for 3 guitars, with the Trio Chitarristrico of Rome (Bixio, 1990 and 1992)
  • 1 CD for 3 guitars with Trio Concentus (Sonar, 1997)
  • 1 CD on the chamber repertoire with guitar Castelnuovo-Tedesco (Gypsy Ballads for Voice and Guitar Octet, Quintet for Guitar and Strings, Ecloghe for Flute, Oboe and Guitar, Sonatina for flute and guitar, Fantasy for guitar and piano – Bixio 1995)
  • 1 CD of Spanish folk songs by F. Garcia-Lorca, transcribed from the piano by guitarist, singer and recorded with the Ada Montellanico (Bixio – 1999)
  • The Blue CD containing music by Britten, Petrassi, D’Angelo and the first complete recording of Giacinto Scelsi’s Ko-Tha, a song widely considered the top of the instrumental virtuosity; The CD also includes songs written by Tallini by GV Crest, D. Nicolau, M. Dall (Modern Times, 2005)
  • The Rainbow Inside CD recorded with singer Marilena Paradisi, all based on improvisation inspired by the watercolors of the Roman painter Alessandro Ferraro (Silta Records, 2010).
  • He also participated in the recording of the CD Infinite Places to Go devoted to music by Nadir Vassena, playing chamber repertoire with guitar (Altrisuoni).
  • His performances and interviews are regularly broadcast by RAI Radio, Vatican Radio and Cable radio.
  • He has recorded for Radio France, Radio Tunisienne, the Croatian Radio, WQED- FM (Pittsburgh, USA), the first television channel RAI RADIO BLUE, People’s Radio and Radio Classical in 2010, has dedicated an interview at the reprint of his CD of Castelnuovo-Tedesco.
  • In 2006 he designed and conducted 8 broadcasts entitled “The Guitar, an instrument of human feeling” for Vatican Radio.
  • In 2008, RAI Radio 3 presented my transmission focused on the myth of Cupid and Psyche.
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